You Can Help Yourself

Learn how to heal your body, fix your gut, end fatigue and turn around a range of chronic health conditions. 
"A very welcome and much-needed return to some common-sense in the world of diet and nutrition.”

You Can Help Yourself

Weight loss, the causes of chronic health conditions, nutrition, anti-aging, healthy has all become so confusing. These days, it can be hard to know what is the right thing to do.

  • Are you fed up with fad diets?
  • Have you been suffering with fatigue, autoimmune problems, aches and pains, constant coughs and colds, type-2 diabetes, poor bowel function, headaches, bad skin?
  • Had enough of the gimmicks, the promises, the contradictory messages?
  • Are you tired of being sold 'the magic secret' to this or the 'only supplement you'll ever need' for that?

All the health experts seem to preach messages that are in conflict with each other.

It's confusing, annoying and frustrating. 

By the time you finish reading this book, you'll be able to see beyond all that nonsense. 

Healthy Diet Tips

7 Healthy Diet Tips for Weight Loss that’s Quick, Easy and Permanent: Fat-loss tips and healthy living advice.

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For Beginners

Healthy living for beginners: foods to eat, foods to skip, exercise and healthy lifestyle tips to help you lose weight, feel better and live longer.

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Lifestyle Tips

77 healthy lifestyle diet tips to help you lose weight, feel better and live longer – fat loss tips from You Can Help Yourself.

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127 Weight Loss Tips

Simple tips to help you lose weight and achieve the body that you want.

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Body Composition

Your free guide to body composition - optimal fat and muscle for a healthy body.

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7 Classic Mistakes

The classic mistakes most people are making that are holding them back.

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"I have lost 5lbs in one week just by following the book, and home workouts. I cannot believe it! My stomach has really gone down. I’ve stopped the bread and stuck to the 12 Core Principles. I still cannot believe it. Just having more energy is awesome!"

- Ms R, London

"What I love about this book is the fact that it’s not selling you any diet but instead it gives you a clear and simple understanding of “how to eat”. The author has simplified many scientific concepts and studies making this book easy and pleasant to read. I absolutely loved it."

- Fabio, London

"I have suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for many, many years. I was told to eat fibre – given Fybogel from the doctor, etc., suffered with lots of painful cramps, bloating etc., going one day being constipated, the next loose. Now I follow your book and no bloating, and bowels are now normal. Happy days!"

- Mrs H, UK

"If you care about yourself, if you want to be the best you can then you need to buy this book, it's not just a way to eat well but also a way to live your life well too ... it will be the best investment in You that you can ever make!" - Mrs V, France

"This is definitely one of my favourite books on healthy eating and life style. I absolutely loved it. It’s the missing link between academic books and commercial ones." - Mr G, London

"This book is clearly written with passion and integrity, masses of commonsense, a framework of experience and thorough research, and packed with real-life constructive suggestions. If you want to change your life and health for the better, I can only strongly recommend that you buy it, read it and implement it." - Mrs T, East Coast

"It's a good read and I'm 5lb down already and I haven't even finished the book yet!" - Ms G, South East

You Can Help Yourself


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