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You don't really want to're comfortable as you are...

You like your life just the way it is.

You're comfortable where you are, you don't really want to change.

Your body, your weight, your you look and how you feel, you are happy where you are, right?

The brilliant, original and funny Larry Winget says this, and I think he is bang on right.

Perhaps you are sitting reading this. As you sit there, I'll bet you are sitting mostly still, not really moving much at all. I guess you are fairly comfortable. I mean, if you were uncomfortable, you would move, right?

If you were sat there and you were uncomfortable, say your left buttock had 'gone to sleep' or you had pins and needles in one foot, or the chair side was digging into your leg and making you sore, or if there was a lump or spike like an upholstery staple...

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