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"This is definitely one of my favourite books on healthy eating and life style. I absolutely loved it. It’s the missing link between academic books and commercial ones." - Mr G, London

“I was grossly overweight for some years, suffering from ulcerative colitis, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, felt tired much of the time, and I had no libido and erectile dysfunction for a decade. After following your book, I have now lost over 100 pounds, my colitis is massively improved, I have reduced my medications as I no longer have high blood pressure or diabetes and I have more energy. My libido and function have returned and my wife and I are enjoying regular sex again. We are both delighted!” - Mr H, East Coast

"Karl, before I followed your work I was destined to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. I have suffered with myofascial pain syndrome for 19 years to the extent that I’ve had to have a carer helping me manage with basic daily things, such as getting dressed etc. I had to stop all my hobbies and interests and was practically housebound. Now, I’m feeling great and 80% free of my usual pain, I’m walking my dogs every day, taking my kids to the park and exercising daily. I’m off all medications too. Thank you!” – Mrs. H, Midlands, UK.

"Great Day. Cannot recommend Karl’s seminar enough. Walked away with so much information and totally fired up. That guy is awesome and he walks the talk!" - Ms C, London

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